Crocus already pushing shoots in the bag

I ordered some species crocus bulbs (corms, to be specific).

They arrived with approximately 1/4" long shoots already emerging from the top of the corm. I’m still about 2 weeks away from being able to plant them (still prepping the bed, and the ground is still a bit warm).

My past experience is that crocuses pretty much always do this, but they don’t really advance much past this point until they are put in the ground and get some chilling.

However, my question is this:

Am I better off planting them so that the corm is the “correct” orientation, even if the little shoot is pointing a different direction, due to being sideways in the bag? Or, should I orient them so the shoot is pointing up?

It doesn’t make any difference. My boss at a huge nursery used to dig trenches and dump bulbs from 50# bags and cover and walk away.

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That will work rather well.
Say results will be a “B”.
A little extra effort sometimes is worth it, sometimes not.
An “A” isn’t always worth the price one must pay.


thanks fer that. you gave me a big smile.

enjoying a cider. take care BB