Crop size of choke cherry bush/tree

I like cooking. A while back I had a chance to try some chokecherry preserve and it left me thinking that I could really work with that stuff. I finally got me a chokecherry tree/bush. It is a good size on the pot and currently it wants to be a bush with plenty of branches coming from the ground. Now it is a matter of deciding where it should go.

What kind of crop size should I expect from this? I would keep it under 10’ for certain. The question is more about my slopes and downright bluffs. If it is a good cropper I would not put it where one side is nearly impossible to harvest.

they produce well for their size but keep in mind in good sunny conditions they will spread into a thicket. i have a purple leafed one growing on my property. new growth is green and turns purple by july. its nice because its hides the fruit from the birds. i have several small ones growing in pots. if you want one i could send it to you bare root in sept/ oct. bears love them here.

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I would really appreciate that. I saw the purple one along with the one I picked but I figure I would start with the standard one.

How is the fruit quality of the purple version vs. the regular one?

about the same as the other wild ones. fruits are 1/4 to 1/3in. they need full sun with good drainage to produce well like most in the Prunus family. i saw somewhere awhile back that was selling a improved chokecherry cultivar but forgot where i saw it.

Chokecherry have the potential to produce a lot. Issue is the are super sour. You will want to do at least equal the amount of sugar as the cherries. Weird fruit explorer reviewed them and showed a recipe for them. He did one cup of choke cherries and did 1 cup of sugar.

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