Cummins inventory

Hey all, since I bought a bunch of trees from Cummins last year, I visit their site occasionally to check out what’s available for next year. While they have a good amount of apples and pear varieties to pick from, I’ve noticed that they only two varieties of cherries, one peach type, and no nectarines. Is that likely to be all they will have next year to sell? Or, do they have to wait until early next year before they really will know what they’ll have available?

I’m wondering if this is all they have, is it because of some kind of production issue where these particular trees just had a bad year? I remember last year, they had quite a few different varieties of peaches and cherries to pick from. Could it be that they concentrate more on growing apples and pears, and not so many stone fruits?

Or maybe it’s just a cyclical thing, and this upcoming season is an off year, but the next one will be back to normal. Just curious.

Any comments? Is this a norm with nurseries in that they will have an off year every other year because of demand? Or is it that their tree stock is hit by disease, bad weather, etc?

I noticed this also with Adams County. They had lots of stone fruit trees, particularly peaches to pick from last year, but this year their stock is down.

When I think of Cummins, I think of apples, pears, peaches but not cherries. I often find myself go to Raintree for cherries.

You could email them. They are friendly folks.

I just shot them an email, about this and some questions about the progress of my trees I got from them this spring. I’ve usually got somewhat quick responses from them in the past. I was just wondering if there were any folks on here who might know what I was talking about.

Got a response that they are just beginning their final counts before digging season and inventory will be changing. No ideas of availability of varieties not already listed though.

Their stock often fluctuates year-round.

Looks like last night and this morning they have updated their cherries, peaches and plum sections. Also it looks like they are having a sale, #1 grade Tangos and Buenos are being listed as $4.50. Some other stuff is coming up as $0.00. :grin:

Thanks, Lance for the heads up! I was on the site like early this morning (1am?), and they just had the apples and pears, but not a lot of stone fruits.

But, I was just on there and noticed the “free” trees, maybe they’re just sorting thru what they have. I doubt they’d let those stone fruit trees go for nothing! Still not a lot of peaches, and no nectarines, but like others like @Matt_in_Maryland and @irby have said, I guess the stock will fluctuate.


Like others have said, their quantities and varieties will fluctuate from now til next spring. Last year I ordered a tree in Aug. and then in Nov. I added 2 two more trees that they just put up on their website that wasn’t there the previous months. Order if you see something you like using the shopping cart and then if later before spring you see anything else you would like to add to the order, just send them an email. Let them know what trees and grades you want and they’ll just add them to your existing order. They are really great at working with you when you have questions or want to add more trees to your order, even if it is two or three more times between now and spring.

Thanks Lance. I ordered 13 trees from them last spring, they are easy folks to deal with. They’ve responded to most of my emails since I’ve planted them. I’m still waiting for a response from an email I sent Thursday.

I have an account with them from last year’s order, so I have already added some trees to a new order cart. I have noticed that a tree of a certain caliper that I had in my cart was removed a few days later. Their system mentioned that was done because of inventory changes. It happened a couple times and I asked them about it in this latest email. I know it’s still early in the ordering season, so it’s not a big deal to me.

My biggest issue is that I already have 14 apple trees planted from this spring, and I have 10 more in my new cart! I really need to whittle that down to no more than 5 or 6. I really want a Suncrisp, Jonagold, and Kidds Orange Red, and am vacillating between some others. But I have a few more months to make my final decisions.

Umm…you said [quote=“subdood_ky_z6b, post:11, topic:7165”]
I have noticed that a tree of a certain caliper that I had in my cart was removed a few days later.

It sounds like they either had the tree misgraded or actually didn’t have it and it was removed. Or the other possibility is that you had it in your cart if there was only one of it. Then somebody else added it their cart and went through the checkout with it. I think that even though you have it in your cart, it is still listed in their inventory and up for grabs for anyone to buy. I could be wrong about all this and you’ll find out when they answer your email.

I look like a piker compared to you, I only ordered four trees from them last year. And so far this year only two for this spring.

I just looked at your garden register site, and if anyone’s a piker that’d be me! I saw all the fruit you’re growing. Over 50 trees, or are some of those grafts? Apples, pear, stone fruits of all kinds. I saw that you have a KOR, have you got any fruit off of it yet?

Regarding the cart on Cummins’ site, I may be wrong, but I don’t think they make you pay until right before shipping in the spring. I’m thinking they checked their inventory, and like you said, maybe they never had it, so they removed it from my cart. No big deal.

Everything listed at Garden Register are individual trees I planted since spring 2012. Clicking on the tree listed will give you the date planted, bloom times and other info. I have entered. The KOA is among the trees that I bought from Cummins that I just planted this spring along with sweet sixteen and Freyberg.