Curious irrigation problem

This is an unusual pump cycling issue.

We have a well with the water coming into a WellTron tank with cyclestop. As long as the well is being used for our ground source heat pump it works perfectly. And it works fine when we are irrigating with either hose or underground system.

But if we turn off the hose and sprinklers it will immediately start a curious short-cycling where it kicks on every 15 seconds and then shuts off instantly … wait 15 seconds and it happens again, and so on.

Turn off the water to the outside and the problem stops. So obviously, there’s an issue outside. But we don’t have any sign at all of water escaping from the hose or the sprinkler system. And if it were leaking the little WellTron tank (which is probably less than 10 gallons) should flow for at least several seconds before the pump kicked on to recharge it. (The cyclestop system is intended to completely bypass the tank when any significant flow is needed, but will let you pull small amounts of water without activating the pump).

I’ve got a call into the pump people now - we’ll see what they say. I suspect it’s the tank or regulator that goes with it, but what do I know!? Well, I know I’m going to end up warming up my checkbook for this one!

Pump guys called and will be replacing the pressure tank Tuesday. Be happy to get out of it for less than $500.

I had a pressure tank that would need the air recharged ,
( like checking your tire pressure )
about once a year , or it would short cycle.
Finally replaced it, when the bladder failed

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I wondered whether I could get away with doing that for a time, but decided to go ahead and replace it and quit worrying about my pump motor. I got 15 years out of the old one and with luck (?) I won’t need to worry about replacing this one.

One of these days I’ll start asking about pump options, but right now we’re doing OK.