Curious looking squirrel

Saw a squirrel today with a regular body (reddish color) but with a tail that was silver-gray. Not just a trick of the light; we watched it for some time scrambling about and there was no question. I couldn’t call it “white” as in a true albino, but it was definitely unlike any other squirrel tail I’ve ever seen.


Was it a gray/red hybrid?

Now that’s a thought I hadn’t thought. We don’t get the grays around here, just the red ones - so far. Wish it would come onto my property so I could trap it. Maybe we’ll get luckey enough to get a picture.

I once had a regular at my feeders,that looked as if he hugged an electric pole and got zapped!
He was pitch black,on his underside,and normal color everywhere else.

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I"ve got one that visits my yard that has an all black body with a red tail. I’ve seen fox squirrels (the big red ones) near the river near here so they must mix or something.

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