Currant cutting flowering

I am rooting black and red currant cuttings inside under t8 lights. They just pushed leaves and are now pushing buds and beginning to flower.This is strange to me considering they’re under 18 hours of light a day. Has anyone ever seen this? Thank you in advance for any input. ![image|690x920](upload://ulLtma0WxNt6SQyoWin181FgFZ



Here is another photo

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Yes, many times! I usually bring home some branches in early spring and let them open leaves in the vase to use in tea. But if you rooting them, you need to remove the flowers as soon as you see them - they take energy from rooting.


Sigh, my white currant, many years old, died this January during the snow. I got wood to use in BBQ! Lol! But sadly Shorty’s does not carry this particular variety this year and I will have to wait to replace it. That means my trying to make jelly out of it must be postponed. It is sad.

I saw a couple branches looked to be not 100% dead yet and put into a jar of water. I do not have pussywillow bramches to help it root, so I doubt I will get it to grow.

Keep them there. Remove flowers, if they flower. Mine usually make roots and I plant them in the pot, if I need to propagate. You may have a new bush. Also, the old one may start from roots

Which is it? I’m rooting Primus to make a cordon. I planted about 6 pieces but only need one, so I will have Primus if that is it?

Any willow will will work, not just the cat willow! :slight_smile:

I myself just stick them in the ground. At least half root fine with nothing else.

It wasa long time ago, but likely was White Imperial. It is translucent, pale pink tinge,sweet, and disease free when not dead.

These were berries picked last year.