Currant restrictions in the north-east

This is just a long sigh… So, my red current, that I bought at the local nursery without even a name other then “red currant”
is about to die. The fungus(I should say mushroom, hard one like they growing on trees in the wood) growing right in the middle of the bush, and doesn’t respond to copper sprays and other attempts to kill it. It is growing for several years already but this year seems to be the last for the bush. No berries on younger branches, very-very small berries and no leaves at all on old branches. As I need a new red currant, I was going to order the one I like, not the one my nursery have chosen. Guess what… No one sends even RED currant to MA. And it is not even affected by the rust they afraid about as a threat to white pines… And where are those white pines now? They long time gone… And if government allows local nursery to sell them, why not online from certified grower? Now I will have to go with one lousy red currant bush( if nursery have it at all, but they never have more than one to choose from, as it is SO EXOTIC, yeah, right… I know that red currant doesn’t propagate well from the cutting, and also I am afraid that the whole bush already infected by that fungus, and I didn’t like that particular currant much anyway, so no desire for saving it… I wanted to get Rovada… No such luck. Have to go with what I can find.

I just stick cuttings into the ground, it couldn’t be easier. Almost 100% takes. I have way too many from all the cuttings from my Laxton’s No 1. It had way too many canes. I stuck the cuttings in a pot last fall. I left the pot out all winter, it’s filled with red currant starts. I plan to take them to my cottage. I just don’t have another inch here of room. You want a couple? I’ll send them bare root in the fall or spring, or potted right now for postage costs. All my other reds are small. I have 4 other red cultivars, all young. I could start those too this fall from cuttings, or ship cuttings of them in the fall. I have Rovada, London’s Market, Jonkheer Van Tets, and Perfect.

Here is the Laxton mother plant, it is a beast!

Loaded with fruit!

See the cordon of it I’m starting on the fence. A close up

Here are the cuttings in the pot out all winter, the one in the center is Laxton cuttings. Two or 3 I left, I threw the rest out.

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Interesting, especially espaliered one! I didn’t try to propagate red currant with cutting, the black currant is easy, and I always just stick it to the ground. This year it actually rooted in the jar of water in March - I just wanted the leaves to unfold for my tea! But red currant, my mother told me, even if it takes it grows very slow and doesn’t produce for years… I guess I took it for granted. But to take cutting form infected bush - I don’t think I want to risk to bring it to a new spot. I actually found that honeyberryusa sends red currant to MA after applying to permit. It takes time, but it is possible. No other place even mentioned that this requires permit and it is doable.

Galinas, order your Rovada from Norse Farms, they are located by the way in MA. They sell white, red and pink currants, but no longer black. Too bad.

In RI I had to buy permits from the state to grow mine; which the state recognized was only a ‘precautionary’ move. I just think they wanted the money for the permits. White pine is long gone in Mass. and RI (as it was part of the pine tree industry too many years back to remember), Throw out your exisiting plant it is infected. Buy a new one on-line from Norse. They have Rovada.

Not true, my cuttings are way out pacing the blacks, and they have fruit, planted October 2015, as a 6 inch stick, and it now has fruit!
Reds are far more vigorous than blacks.Also they produce more too. Recent black Polish cultivars like Tiben are so popular as they are really hybrids between red, flowering and black currants. You end up with black currant that produces like a red. Tiben out produces all other black currants.

Thanks a ton! I didn’t know about this farm. It is so great they are right in MA. And they do not come up in google search when you just look for the product. Here is the link to the farm site for future searchers: Nourse Farms

I see it on your pictures! Will try to propagate later when I have good plant material…