Cut my losses with dwarf red haven peach?

This tree did blossom and now leaves have just emerged and already look sickly.

Should I spray the tree and wish for the best? Or just dig it out and toss it in the burn pile:(

We have a cool, wet climate. Zone 8.

I have another red haven right next to it that hasn’t leafed out yet, it’s a semi-dwarf.

That may be frost damage or just peach leaf curl. I would leave it alone and see how it does for the rest of the year. Just some thoughts.

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Looks like peach leaf curl to me, to late to do anuthing this year look up peach leaf curl and put together a spray plan for next year otherwise grow it out should be fine. PLC is a major peach issue in pnw is easy to deal with but requires proper timing of sprays


I had terrible peach leaf curl the last two years. This March I sprayed Daconil and the leaves are looking much cleaner and nicer so far. I plan to continue to spray the Daconil (active ingredient is chlorothalonil) every March and was told that if the peach leaf curl really seems like a major problem going forward I could add some copper in fall, too. Good luck!

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I have another red haven peach right next to this one that hasn’t leafed out yet. Should I spray that one with Daconil preventatively?

And try the cooper in the Fall as well?

Thank you everyone for the advise.

Looks like peach leaf curl, its easy to treat. Pull leaf off of you like or leave it on and it will fall off on its own. Spray fixed copper in early spring just before bud break.

Again, sharing the advice I received:

  1. For copper, Kocide 3000 is a good pick.
  2. I was advised that depending on how advanced my trees were, I could spray copper still this spring as of April 11, but at that point my trees were pretty far along and I thought it would not be wise. Apparently, one should avoid using copper after trees leaf out. It will burn leaves if you do not use the right ratio.
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