Cut scions during cold rainy day?

Hello experts/veterans. Is it ok to harvest scions from a plum tree during rains?

In your environment I think it would be prudent to immediately treat the cuts on the tree with Liqui-Cop or similar.


I’m no expert @tubig, but with plums I try to avoid making fresh cuts while it’s raining. To many diseases that are spread to plums when it is wet out. If I do need to make any cuts during the winter, I try to do it on a dry day and then I seal the cut up right away with some pruning paint. I know sealent isn’t really recommended for cuts anymore, but I figure that’s better than risking a nasty infection during the winter. I try to do most of my cuts on plum trees during dry weather in the summer.


I think it is a general rule to minimize the time that peach and plum have open wounds exposed to the weather. Especially wet weather. I would take the scion as late as is reasonable like mid March in my climate, if the buds expanded it is too late.

Add some copper treatment like richard says also.

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