Damage to persimmon tree trunk

Hello, hoping to get some advice. I was inspecting my persimmon tree and notice that its got some damage to the trunk. Not sure what it is but looks like something may have started to eat away at it. This is quite low on the trunk and the tree is only a year old so I’m wondering if I should dig it out and get a new one or hope that it heals. I’m worried it will rot and worsen. Is there something I could do to prevent the damage from getting worse and save it, like apply a product to the wound?

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Looks like it will be fine. I would just leave it alone and see how it goes. Others might have a different opinion.

Thanks! I was looking at tree wound compounds but dont have any experience with them and worried that might make it worse.

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Persimmon are usually pretty tough. If the top is growing fine and pushing growth through it, it should be good.