Damn rabbits!


We got your coyotes here. Sounds like hundreds every night howling. Hard on the chickens and pets but haven’t seen a rabbit this year yet.

Quick subject change, picked up some new to me .22 ammo, subsonic, heavy bullet 60 grain hollow points, From 30 yards, turns a squirrel inside out. No louder than popping a balloon.


Depends on who’s shooting


Are they cb’s I use those. My pellet gun is louder. I use them to shoot the woodchucks.


Very cool.


Maybe I can lend you our cat. I found him the other night gnawing on a little bunny, he was just starting to strip the fur off it. I think the dog ended up finishing it off. Our cat’s been a very good hunter for us.

Now if I can train him to bring down a deer…


You’re welcome


Anyone tried these? I think you can keep them on year-round



Does this look like the face of a rabbit killer? I saw him run by me yesterday with another rabbit so big it was dragging the ground. At least I hope it was a rabbit he was dragging off to a remote location for his dinner. He likes rabbit way better than dog food! He is not actually my dog but no one told him that.

This was him a few days ago when it was 80 degrees !


Stone cold killer! Good dog.


Mr Admin.:slightly_smiling_face:


No rabbit in the trap this morn - I baited it with a cauliflower stem


Try apple, works best for me


Maybe I’ll get a damn squirrel that way, too


Garden predator eliminated!


rabbit stew for dinner! :wink:


So gray, mine are really brown.


Doesn’t look like a cottontail to me. What kind of rabbit?


looks like the snowshoe hares we have here. they turn white in winter. sometimes they hybridize with domestic rabbits.


I might try a solar powered pest repeller amazon


Damn Groundhogs! Showed up and in one day mowed down my Sunflowers, ate squash leaves, nibbled on my green beans. They are as bad if not worse than rabbits. Luckily he took residence under my shed so it was easy to catch him.


Groundhogs are worse than rabbits because they can reach higher and can climb trees.

They are easily spooked and hard to catch. I have tried to catch them for over a year. So far, no luck.