Dave Wilson New Video!

I look forward to these every year.





Glad to see I’m not the only one obsessively checking for new videos.


I’d say he should have pruned those branches back last summer. If not that during winter. And I thin more than he did. Even with pluot I don’t have any fruits clumped together. I’m after quality not quantity. Others might have different needs.


I can’t make these cuts

I agree with fruitnut, It doesn’t look like those trees have been pruned in a while. I don’t let the branches on my trees get anywhere near that long. For the last week or so, I’ve been spending 30-40 minutes in the morning and again in the afternoon/evening thinning and a little pruning. I find if I do it a little at a time it doesn’t get overwhelming. Aside from cherries, the only tree I let have little clusters of fruit is my sweet treat pluerry because the fruit is so small

“We’re not putting any trout genes or moose genes into your plum trees”.

Guess folks need to be told that these days.


Clint, its sad to think that there might be people who actually think that.

Great video!! Thanks for posting.

I love when they post new vids. I really like Tom Spellman. Thanks for the heads up!