Dax's Tree For Sale 2022

I can’t catch a break this winter. All my temps are 10 to 20 degrees for lows every single day looking forward and the past 6-8 weeks.

It’s not gonna be very soon before my persimmons wake up which is the vast majority of what I have for sale (100 or so trees of grafted persimmons). The nut trees are too small, yet, after 18-months being potted; And the few pears I have I may as well plant or plant at family/friends.

I’m going to guarantee this coming Fall of 2022, from the middle of October to November that my trees will be put up for sale while dormant. I hand defoliate and will defoliate 6-weeks prior. At a 4-week defoliation, it is very-rare that I’ve ever seen a tree wake up again, so I’ll caution to 6-weeks.



I’m definitely interested in persimmons for the fall. I ordered a few for this spring, including an Early Golden, but the order got cancelled.

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I got 100 northern rootstocks coming that I’ll chip bud. What I have now are for zone 6b and above due to being on either northern or southern, & I used a lot of southern. I have no way of distinguising northern from southern. Those chips will grow really good. I got 3/8ths caliper coming,Tom.


Party’s over… I just found one after another hybrid persimmon that woke up today, I think. I couldn’t find split buds yesterday on the front section of my greenhouse facing the sun but the hybrids in the back with shade are full-exploded on many buds within (a) plant. It’s all over with. It’ll be Fall. I’m sorry.

Tu all for your support, as-usual.



Aww, Dax, I’ve been looking forward to hearing from to about this! Well, it is what it is, and maybe the delay will make it even better when you are finally able to sell stuff. Hang in there!

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