Dead ends on Carmine Jewel

The young CJ Cherry I have,has two branch ends that appear to have died.Is this common with these?I noticed something similar with Korean and Hanson Bush Cherries,where maybe they don’t get pollinated on those particular branches. Brady


My two 7 feet tall Carmine Jewels had no disease issue so far. You may want to trim that dead top off as soon as you can to prevent spreading of what ever it was.


My CJ are tiny…things better grow this year! Im going to plant mine in the ground this weekend…can’t figure out where yet.

I’d prune all that off.

Okay thanks,I just cut the dead parts away. Brady

That is probably blossom / shoot blight, its a form of brown rot hitting blossoms and shoot tips. If its rainy/humid you can get a lot of it on susceptible varieties.

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Is there a fungicide that can be used in the future that will not harm pollinators? Thanks,Brady

Thats a good question. I usually am only using sulphur and Serenade early and I think they are fine for any pollinator. I don’t know about the other fungicides. They should not be that bad but you should look it up before using.

BTW shoot blight is usually no big deal, I only had it really bad one year.