Dehydrating boletes

This year I’m getting a bumper crop of king boletes. I decided to do some reading to see if there is a better way to process them but as with many other topics what I found was a lot of conflicting info: only low temperature, high temperature for better flavors, cut them thin, don’t cut them less than half an inch, yada-yada-yada.

How do you process them? I usually let them air dry for a few days before running them through the dehydrator at a fairly high temperature.

Here are some beauties air drying before going into the dehydrator


In the sun my man. Before pills this was the only source of winter vitamin D for millions of folks. It is true that it is the less active vitamin D2, but it is also true that the amounts are enormous. You need some hardware cloth stretched over a wood frame, and a garage roof or other sunny place. Here is some garage roof boletes.

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i agree. at least try to partially dehydrate in the sun then if weather doesnt cooperate finish in a dehydrator or oven. only thing i worry about is that they are cracker dry. we have about a doz. bolete species here but the kings dominate and are easiest to identify. hard to get them prefect here. the damned slugs love them.

As luck would have it they come with the rainy season. Looking at the weather forecast for the next ten days there are two Partially sunny days with the rest being rain.

They get buggy in a hurry everywhere. I’m lucky that near my workplace there are a few fields where they flush very well. I get to check daily for fresh ones.

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