Delaying figs ripening

While most people are focused on strategies to get figs to ripen earlier, I am currently in a situation where I want to delay my figs ripening. I am going out of town for 2 weeks during what should be the peak of the fig season. I’ve gotten a few ripe figs already and the rest will be ripening soon.

I was considering moving my potted figs into a cooler, shady location and decreasing water in an effort to delay ripening. Would this work without impacting the overall health of the plants? I figure I don’t have anything to lose with regards to this year’s fruit but I also don’t want to stress the plants or send them into early dormancy which may adversely effect future years.

You might slow ripening by a day. Anything more than that would require a 50F cooler. And doing what you suggest could reduce fruit quality. Who knows how someone else will water the plants.

If you had started 3 weeks ago maybe. Decrease in water throws them into summer ‘dormancy’. Shade is good. I do the same with my potted plants when I leave town.