'Delicious' and 'Southern Jewel' Muscadines

Has anyone had experience growing either Delicious or Southern Jewel muscadines out of University of Florida? I see a lot about other varieties but these two seem promising and both are early and self fertile.



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I don’t have either of these two varieties but they appear to have some desirable characteristics. I only took a brief look but I didn’t see there expected brix level or zone hardiness which to me is very important.

From those links, Delicious had a 16.9 and Southern Jewel had 15.9. In comparison, they show Supreme at 17.6 and Southern Home at 18.2.

I have four varieties and I consider three of them to be top notch. Black Beauty (best), Supreme, Lane (self pollinating), and Southern Home. The first three in my opinion are as good as it gets. There are many excellent choices in muscadines and I would suggest looking over the characteristics on the Isons website. They also have some very good videos about growing them.

Thanks for the recommendations. I have seen lots of good things those varieties along with Darlene. I was looking to get all of those you recommended, Darlene and possibly one more self-fertile variety. Delicious sounds like it may be a good one, but I haven’t seen anybody really comment on it. Hall also sounds pretty good as well.

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I don’t have Darlene but I taste tested it and it is very good.

Good to hear more positive feedback about Darlene. Also I leave nearby Scott who said it produced very well for him. Part of why I’m asking is I’m ready to place an order at Ison’s since they have their early bird sale now. I was debating between adding Hall to the order, but I may end up getting Delicious from another seller and see how it performs here in Maryland.

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