Delightful to read on a cold winter day

Thanks for posting that. Grafting is something I know very little about, but something I’d like to get into.

Does anyone have a good “beginners guide to grafting” or something like that that I should read? Or maybe some good youtube videos?

The attached pdf looks very interesting, but I’m looking for a 101 level course and that looks like 301 or 401!


YouTube is best source for grafting 101. Search Bark graft, whip and tongue graft, wedge graft, and saddle graft, t-budding, and chip budding.
Good luck.


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I tried to graft and was never successfull until I joined this forum. The technical part of grafting I understood but I did not understand the timing for collecting scion wood and also when each type of fruit tree was ready to be grafted.

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Stephan Hayes uk on youtube

Youtube videos and then a bunch of trial and error is how I learned. My first 10 or so grafts failed, then one was finally successful and it was almost like black magic to me! I’ve been hooked ever since, that was 4 or 5 years ago

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