Detection strips for PC or ofm

I would like to buy some of these strips to put on trees to get an early detection for PC, OFM and CM activity… trying to time spraying…where would I buy them??

You can get CM and OFM lures from places like Gemplers. Not sure if there is such a thing for PC.

Peaceful Valley/ has a decent deal on a 2 trap set ($10) for CM.

You can use plum essence or benzaldehyde lures for PC, not sure how effective they are though. You also need a pyramid trap to put the lure in. Great Lakes IPM for example sells all of this. Maybe I should try my trap out, I bought one years ago but was too busy to try it and meanwhile the lure expired. I can try some prunes as bait, that’s a plum essence I hope.

I saw my first PC last weekend, and gave him a big squeezie hug o’death greeting :grin:

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