Devonshire Quarrenden Apple

I’d like to buy this variety, it is an achilles heel to me when it comes to grafting, my 2017 & 2018 grafts failed. The love i have of Stephen Hayes videos won’t let me rest until I get this tree. It may even suck, but I have a determination to try it for myself.

Anyone have any ideas?


Ram Fishman at Greenmantle Nursery has it in his master varieties list. He no longer grows out bareroot trees for shipment, but he’ll still sell you a benchgraft on the rootstock of your choice. I’ve purchased a good many of these over the last several years, and all of them have done well for me.

I got an email from Cummins that said you could special order a grafted tree from them. You could pick from any variety in the USDA ARS catalog. I haven’t looked though to see if your Apple is in there, but if it is, that might be a resource.

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I wish VSOP they do not have devonshire quarrenden.