Did I just murder my peach? - fertilizer!

Accidently fertilized my MIL’s peach tree (2nd leaf) with a 1/2 pound of nitrogen instead .2 pounds…ie; I doubled the amount I was supposed to give. I usually always use organics, but that’s what they had lying around the garage SOO…

I read the fertilization recommendations on UCANR’s website wrong which recommended a 1/2 pound of UREA not a 1/2 pound of actual N. So I laid down a 1/2 pound of actual N all at once, wham!


So did I just burn my little peach?! What do you all think?



Was it watered in?

Yes I watered it in heavily, mainly due to fear…I can also go back and water in the morning…

I don’t know if it will be fine.

Not much you can do now except give it even more water. Nitrogen is quite water soluable. So you might leech away most of it if you leave the tap running. Do give it time afterwards to dry up a bit. You don’t want to asphyxiate the roots!

Nitrogen is verry soil mobile (moves easy through soil with rain).
So i would always recomend spreading out Nitrogen fertilization over multiple smaller doses instead of 1 big dose. This also avoids overfertilization in the future :slight_smile:

What’s your source (brand) of actual (%) Nitrogen?

You might do more damage by overwatering. Don’t panic…just let it do its thing and hope for the best.

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@jaypeedee not sure of the brand…just straight am sulfate…21-0-0…

@maineorchard we’re so damn dry here i thought it would be fine but maybe you’re on to something…I’m gonna check this morning then follow up!

I don’t think it would be as bad as you think. Your fertilizer is 21-0-0
Urea fertilizer is 46-0-0.

That peach tree may has excessive growth.

By the way, has your MIL talked to you yet :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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@mamuang i didn’t say anything to them!

“Why is my tree dead?!”

Me: “shrug :man_shrugging:

She’s cool so I’m not too worried. Best case scenario…excessive growth :slight_smile: that would actually be awesome…


What variety is it? While you don’t know how her tree (might) die :relaxed:, you can tell her since you joined this forum, you have learned about excellent varieties of peach trees and offer to buy her two!!

You put down less than half of UCANR’s recommended rate of N per volume weight. You’re good to go.

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Dilution is the solution to pollution! Just don’t drown the poor thing! haha