Did you ever grafted wrong scion on the wrong stock?

It is kind of embarrassing. I try my graft this spring, thought I grafted asian pear scion on asian pear tree. I went out this weekend and saw 3/4 took. however I realized that the scion grafted on the pear tree was apriot. Now, my question is will the apricot grow/fruit well on the pear tree?

You got apricot grafts to take on a pear tree? I don’t know much about grafting, but I didn’t even think that was possible.

yes,but don’t know it good or bad

I hate to say but when the energy from the cot scion runs out and the incompatible of the understock The scion will die. I tested out one time by grafting a sweet cherry to a plum understock. It lasted for a month then it died.


I noticed that I grafted Northern Spy to one of the Northern spy grafts I did last year. It bummed me out but I have about 30 grafts on the tree.

Tony,These buds will die later?


Cot is not compatible with pear understock. If you really want to save this scion, I see there are some dormant buds still not open yet. You just need to unwrap the tape and make a new fresh cut over the old angle cut and bark graft it to a plum, peach, nectarine, or cot understock. I give it about 75% take and that is better than a dead cot scion on a pear understock.


Tony, Thanks. I just practice grafting this year. If it dies later, I can get some scions for next year.

I once grafted a pear on apple by mistake and it grew for several years. Very odd growth, but it did grow.


I have heard people used Winter Banana apple as an interstem than grafted a pear scion to it and it worked. Have you try this method?.


No but I have seen several successful grafts using such an interstem. How long they last is another question however, there is often delayed compatibility over a number of years.

I grafted pear to apple just to see if it would work. I read somewhere stone fruit to stone fruit and pomes to pomes. It isn’t that easy! Mine grew great the first year and slow the second. It was slow to bud out this year so I cut it off and grafted Northern Spy.

I bench-grafted 10 pear onto prunus last year, but realized my mistake a day later and re-did them, no harm done to the scionwood or understock, whoopsie-daisy!

I asked an experienced grafter who sometimes works on a community farm if he’d ever accidentally pruned off a successful graft. The answer was yes, with a wince–someone else’s graft!


Did the grafted pear on apple live 'til this day? Or died out / cut off already?

Gee, I can’t remember for sure. It never grew more than a couple feet in spite of being grafted to a big trunk. This was after several years – clearly it was never going to make a pear tree. I think I just put it out of its misery, but I might be misremembering.

I’ve got Callaway crab, grafted onto a seedling callery pear, that’s been flowering and fruiting for several years. Graft union is ugly, and I have to keep pruning off shoots below the graft several times a year. I figure at some point it’ll fail… but I’m gonna see how long it’ll last…
Somebody had given me the seedling - they’d gotten it from NADF as ‘Sargent Crab’; I didn’t look at it - just planted it, then grafted it. When it started vigorously sprouting below the graft, I knew what it was.
10-15 years ago, I bought a bundle of P.communis rootstocks(they were out of all the OHxF I wanted). Had one that would not accept a pear graft, no matter what… when I gave up and let it leaf out on its own, it was apple. The one next to it accepted a pear graft that grew well, then declined over the next two growing seasons and finally died out… yep; apple.

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