Diebel apple anybody?

Anybody knows anything about this variety? Weird enough google is failing me miserably in pulling any meaningful information about them. I just got some scion wood for it from a grafting workshop which means something in the tag drew my attention. Sadly I didn’t write down what it was ,thinking that I would just research it from the comfort of my home. Well here I am is comforting and coming up empty handed.

All I can find is the name mentioned in a few apple lists but nothing beyond that.

I just took a look at Dan Bussey’s reference series, and it didn’t appear there.

It is so weird that on this day and age google would fail to dig up info on an apple variety.

It seems to indeed exist. I mean it is name-dropped on this OCR-scanned PDF from a 1995 document:

Also here:

And just like those the name is sporadically mentioned in list but I can’t find any meaningful information on them. It think it is also supposed to be a red fleshed apple based on what little I remember from the label.

Seed Savers Fruit, Berry and Nut Inventory, 4th Ed., 2009. does not offer a description and lists only one source: Nick Botner in Yoncalla, OR. Sadly he has passed on.

Yup, like every other reference I have been able to dig up, a name drop and nothing more :-\

It is obviously growing up here so I’m going to have to reach out to the association and hunt down the person growing it here.

If you do locate info or the apple turns out espectacular can you post the information here in the future?

Many of the Botner apples are now in the Temperate Orchard Conservancy’s collection. Diebel was not a variety listed for purchase this year.

I think it is supposed to be a red fleshed apple. I was going to graft it into an existing tree but I guess I’ll put a few into rootstocks to get me at least a tree going. Then I’ll see what it does.

But if somebody with better google skills than me could shed some light it would be appreciated. It should be hardy to at least zone 4 and definitely an early apple as here hard frost usually starts on the first week of October.

Apparently the Diebel apple is hardy to zone 2, developed in Saskatchewan, size small, color gy/r, texture soft, tart, Rated 3 on a scale of 10. https://www.apfga.org/research/

I found a picture of it on twitter.