Discount Codes 2020

Cummins Nursery started 25% off w/ code Sale25 Looks like it applies to everything, including root stock.


I guess that means the Coronavirus has hit them too…and they’re not selling enough.

They usually have an end of season sale like this.

Cummins Nursery - EARTH DAY TREE SALE: Get 35% Off All Trees & Rootstocks Now Thru Midnight April 22 - Use Coupon Code EARTH35


Is this as low as they go or do they have a 50% off sale each year like a lot of other nurseries do?

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Gurney’s and Stark Brothers set their prices so high that only when their 50% discount kicks in are they even up for consideration with me! Wasn’t this way 40 years ago.

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I was wondering if this was the case. When I discovered this forum I was sure about getting a lot of things from stark bros but after looking around at lots of other nurseries I ended up finding significantly better pricing (and better selection) for the same things I wanted to buy. At half off, their offerings are definitely competitive.

Stark Bros had been changing their prices constantly. The stuff they have sent me in the past does not justify the high prices. I doubt I will buy anything from them this year.