Diseased Scion

Last year we grafted 2 Tolman from ARS-NPGS. One didn’t take but other did. During summer I noticed a discolored area on the scion but it popped and was growing well at the tip so I hoped it was fine and would outgrow whatever that discoloration might be. Hoping for cold damage not disease.

Today I was out amongst my trees and looked closer at this particular graft. The original scion definitely didn’t look good. I pruned it off. Any idea what the cause/disease might be?


The 5" last years growth looked good though. I don’t have another Tolman so I cut it off and saved it to graft onto a wild crab seedling. Thankfully the original branch wood looks good, though I cut it back quite a ways to be sure. I’m happy it wasn’t worse. Sue


Sue, I also got Tolman from ARS last spring. I’ll have to check…but I think I had 3 successful grafts that are still ok. Probably should have taken inventory today, but it’s 43 outside on way to 24 tonight…so I hibernated and did domestic things.

(70’s yesterday was a real spoiler)

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