Dixie Red Delight


Does anyone know where I can buy Dixie Red Delight apple tree?


Looks like they still have some here: http://www.centuryfarmorchards.com/catalog/order.html


An excellent choice; here it about blows your head off with balanced sugar and acid. They improve sitting on the counter.


Applenut is modest. You can buy it from him, if you like. His nursery, Kuffell Creek, is in SoCal.


Sounds promising! Does it have normal blight resistance in your orchard?


Unfortunately he is out for the season. :frowning:


Thanks Drusket!

I am placing an order today. Also ordered Hooples, Goldrush, Grimes Golden, AM Golden Russet and Muttamuskeet! I need help…not sure where I am going to put them all but hey I have been there and done that before! Ha!


That’s a nice mix of varieties you’ve chosen there. I’m sure you’ll get some good results and I hope you report back when you do.