DIY Mist propergator. Work in progress


There has been a request for instructions on duplicating a mist propagator. Here is my version.

Tools. Harbor freight Rotary tool (poor mans dremel) $9.49
Harbor Freight hole saw $9.99
Sterilite 6 quart $1.00 x2
pond mister
any of these will due. LED not required. Quality is variable. I had one fail on me in two weeks. Amazon return policy was no hassle but I am spending a little more for one with better reviews.

cycle Timer 30 minutes off 60 minutes on $9

or Programmable timer $14.80

3.2cm 32mm net pots $5
You can also get them on Amazon you might need to use different size cutout hole.

1/2" drill bit and smaller to create pilot wholes.
Glue, I am using gorilla glue. Contact cement should work just as well.

Using the cutout tool. Flip the lid over and cut out the center of the lid. Leave the cross bars and corners uncut. They provide structure support

I used the 1 1/4" (32mm) cut out tool on the other lid.
Sand the top of both lids. If your using gorilla glue you need moister to create the bond.

Start with a pilot whole and move up 2 or 3 times till you reach 1/2" hole.

Set the lid on the base the top of the lids together and a weight on the top box.

To be completed.

I need to cut vent holes in the top container and use the left over white lid plastic to make them adjustable.


One tip here, when using the hole saw bits, once the pilot hole is drilled run them backwards to prevent the teeth from catching and ripping the plastic. This generates heat and basically melts the holes in the plastic lid.