DNA testing

I have a friend with a plant that he thinks is an intergeneric cross. He is not certain, but it looks like it may be. I have suggested seeing if a laboratory can do some form of DNA testing to confirm or deny, but I am not sure what the DNA test would be called.

There are a few labs that will test for pathogens, other test for GMO contamination, what should I look for on their list of tests to see if they will confirm the genus?


What species? There are genetic studies out there to differentiate between varieties, they usually use SSR, which stands for simple sequence repeats. I think you’d want to talk to people specializing in the species, they will probably need to compare any tests against known examples of both species to determine if it is a hybrid. Probably would not be cheap, but maybe you could find someone who is doing a study who might want to include the plant.

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