Do ash tree borers affect other trees?

I am removing some ash trees this fall and was wondering if I could use that area to plant fruit trees?

You should be fine. I’ve read that Fringe Trees (Chionanthus) is starting to be attacked, but haven’t heard about any fruit trees.

I heard from my neighbor down here in S.E. Ohio that some parasitic wasps were dropped on his property fight the borers… Not sure how true it is but he was pretty excited to mention it…

I would really like more information on the wasps. When I looked online I didn’t see any mention of them. Maybe our county extension will know. Thanks.

this article mentions 3 different ones meant to fight the exotic emerald ash borer

The two began releasing three species of parasitoids — oobius agrili, tetrastichus planipennis and spathius agrili

There are also native borers that can attack ash and other trees in the olive family, like lilac.

Thanks for the article. I will follow up on the information.

My orchard went into ground where there were ashes. No problem yet.

Thanks. I’ve removed 15 and still have a couple dozen to go.

Tis a pain.