Do bees dislike peach flower?

I saw loads of bumble bees buzz around my flowering weeping cherry, flowering crab apple,holly and wisteria before, during and after peach blossom, but not a single bee on my peach blossom.

I remember not seeing bees around peach flowers in previous years, but my peach trees do fruit with no problems.

Do bees simply not like peach blossom?

Bumblebees work peach/nectarine in my greenhouse. But that may be mostly not enough of anything else to work. Those fruits are wind pollinated. No bees needed.

This year it seemed like the native bees and flies preferred the variety of peaches, such a Loring strains, that have big showy blossoms- and they tended them with the same enthusiasm as other fruits. The peaches with Red Haven type, wispy flowers didn’t seen nearly as well tended. I’d not observed that before.

I think bees do have a preference for certain flowers. I see quite a few honey bees on my peaches here at the house and at the farm. They seem to like peach flowers better than dandelion flowers. As you know, peach flowers aren’t as fragrant as apple, cherry or plum, so I wonder about the quality of the nectar. Pear flowers stink and I rarely see bees on those.

The Carpenter bees and hover flies go nuts for the pear blossoms in my orchard. I understand they are not highly nutritious but it doesn’t seem to matter to these two.


I don’t recall seeing many Carpenter bees around here except in the hot summer when they try to drill holes in our deck. I don’t really know if we are talking about the same Carpenter bees because regional nomenclature can be different. The ones we have around here are scary huge. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one on a flower, but surely they do visit some flowers.

We get some pollinator flies on pears but the honey bees seem to go for the apples or late blooming Euro plums, which bloom about the same time as pears here.

Those are carpenter bees. The males dive bomb you and scare the bejesus out of the uninitiated- they look like bumble bees on steroids. They are in my peach trees also- this year they seem to be concentrating on the showy blossomed ones. There will be a dozen at a time in my apple trees as well. Love’em!