Do Japanese beetles attack apricots?

I have room for 2 more trees and am thinking apricots. The Japanese beetles are really bad with my raspberries. How would a soft fruit like apricot hold up? Do Japanese beetles attack apricots (fruit, not just leaves)?

In my area the fruits ripened before JB came. They chewed the leaves but a lot less than on Asian plums and raspberries. Overall apricots were less attractive for JB than the other trees.


Same here - it’s the advantage of apricots ripening early, that they’re generally done before the JBs show up

My peach tree here ripens just as the Japanese Beetles show up. I usually get most picked before the Beetles are at full attack strength but the peaches toward the end of the ripening window can be destroyed. The Beetles completely cover the peach and eat until just the pit hangs off the limb.

Cots ripen here before Japanese beetles here…but knock on wood, they’ve been almost non existent around here the past couple years. Rose Chafers are out though and they’ll feed on ripening cots.

Thanks. I’m going to give it a try. Will probably also bag a bunch with organza bags too. Worked for my grapes last year.