Do onions typically look worse before they look better?


I transplanted my onions to the garden in two batches.

I grew from seed and trimmed them the way several suggested.

First batch went under row cover in mid March and survived a snowstorm and many nights in the 20s. Second batch went in about a week ago.

First batch seems to have lost most living leaf tissue, but some have new growth starting to pop.

That is a new leaf starting. About half have this, half don’t so far, but none per se look dead.


Some of mine look quite dead - I’m planning to replant


I think mine are OK, I’m just not sure. Plus, I don’t have anything to replant, I started these myself from seed.


My onion seedlings look a lot like that, yellowish and ill. I started them indoors in Feb and planted them out last week. I pulled one of them up and the roots look strong. I’m going to leave them and see what happens and blame the poor growth on the cold.


Some of mine, as shown above, have sent the start of a new leaf out. The warmer weather this week and weekend should help.


For me they always look worse before they start looking good. They usually start looking good when at least some warmth comes up and blood meal is applied for the first time, and that would be minimum 2 weeks from transplanting.


Usually mine look kinda puny to the point I can hardly find them in the bed, and then miraculously at some point they turn and burn. They are starting to turn the corner now.


I’m thinking I’ll start my own next year



They are actually putting on some growth.


Coming along nice…


Mine still look weak, but when I try and pull on them, it feels like the roots have taken hold so hopefully some nicer upcoming weather will help.

Glad yours are coming along.


Mine, otoh, were rotten and pulled right out of the ground

Have replanted


Sorry to hear that. Did you buy bulbs or start new seeds?


Bought new seedling plants - too late for seeds here


A couple years ago I got a hair-brained idea to grow leeks and wanted to get them in quickly, so I ordered seedlings. Sorriest looking things, but figured they might pull through…they didn’t…well maybe out of 50, 5 made it. I saw onion seedlings at Lowes and they looked pretty sorry, no leeks though, so I ordered online. Not something I’d do again.


They DO look sorry, but they’ve always grown well for me - until this stooopid year. I’ve always said onions can take any amount of freeze, but I guess not.