Do roses and apple trees have common diseases?

I am planting new apple trees near my rose bushes site. Is close proximity not good for apple trees? Do Roses and Apple trees have common diseases?

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No they don’t.

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My understanding is that fireblight is a disease of the family Rosaceae. I have no personal experience on the matter, but note that some sources list rose as a host.

Oh, boy… From all the problems the worst is the one that common… The question now is, should I remove all my roses, or just hope for the best… Thanks, Vohd.

Roses do NOT get fireblight. I’ve grown both apples and roses next to
each other for many years, and have NEVER had similar diseases.
If you have no experience on the matter, you shouldn’t post.

The fact they do not get it, does it mean they do not HOST it also?

Precisely!! If roses did host it, then some varieties would eventually
exhibit the disease (ala typhoid Mary) and I’ve NEVER seen this in growing over 200 different varieties over a 22 year time span.

I remember reading a paper on fireblight the other day from my extension office (UGA).

They claim in addition to apples and pears, fireblight can also affect things like hawthorn, pyracantha, serviceberry, roses, quince, etc etc.

However, a little Internet research indicates that while it is theoretically possible for roses to get fireblight it is quite rare.

Maybe if you’re really worried about it, you can call your local extension office and see if anybody there that has any practical experience in your specific area.

From what I’ve read (and definitely rayrose’s practical experience), I wouldn’t lose any sleep over it. If your roses get fireblight and spread it to your apples, time to buy a lottery ticket.

Thankfully, I am not lucky with lotteries :grin:!

Thanks you, rayrose, if you never saw it in your collection, I guess it is not that likely I will see it on my 5 bushes. :slight_smile: