Do these grafts look totally dead?

Do these look like scion or rootstock? New growth is on the graft site so I’m not sure. Usually it’s clearly above or below the graft site.

The first is Nikita persimmon, the second is Puget gold apricot.

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Look to be growing from above the graft from what I can see


I agree, looks like you snuck in just above the graft. I have a redbud that ended up dying to just within a few mm of the graft. It took some TLC, but it’s looking great now.

The Puget gold looks to me to be a rootstock bud overtaking the dead scion. This appears to be a cleft graft, and the scion V appears to be to the right of the rootstock socket, which would mean the bud had to come from the rootstock. A closer photo of both is necessary to tell for sure. If you know your rootstock varieties, you can compare pics of the rootstock foliage with those that are emerging. So you might try locating someone who has foliage pics of both. I happen to have last years Nakitas Gift growing well to provide you with this pic of that variety. So good luck
Kent, wa

I concluded the puget gold was plum rootstock and ripped it out and replaced it with a tomcot. Then the deer ate half the tomcot :upside_down_face: I don’t mind grafting but I preferred not to wait another year to get the tree going again.

The persimmon I think is still Nikita, the leaves are more round so probably some asian genetics, probably Nikita.

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