Do you Boycott buying from sites with Moveable adds?

Recently Reading From a wine site I noticed all still adds
This put me more at ease,
and I actually looked at some of the wines displayed!

Do you click on those adds to buy stuff
when they are all over the place when your trying to read?

Any question anyone wants to bring up is welcome as it’s a open discussion ,
and Thank you Scott for not having them
I have not been on Garden web for some time even before the adds, but some sites are un readable .
(yes I know add block, but do not have that,
and what if a add was actually wanted like those wine adds
at least they are not flashing all over the place
preventing me from reading about a product, and choosing to buy a Wine!
Funny thing is Even Amazon has those Annoying flashy adds
when I might be trying to buy a product not Car Insurance.
Just venting I guess?

Same is true for other sites Used to be a well laid web site could find the things easier
Now some sites you have to click Multiple pages for the same Information ,
because they want to cram a ton of adds on the pages irrelevant to the site,
and make what took seconds to find so much longer.

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Doesn’t everyone use adblock?


Dang as soon as I wrote this My computer acted very screwed up,
but was earlier as well (mouse moving by it self)

I think I need to go to Computer school ?
if there are good places in the country I could visit I’d go fly there sick of this Cr#p
I know some stuff with the things I do, but not very educated on the topic.

How much does add block cost A month?


I typically close the browser and open up another if I get a message I don’t wish to look at.
Especially those blinking ones…moving obnoxious ones.

Yes You can Hold CTRL with T to open a new tab Quick
Can also HOLD ctrl W to close one
and move the tabs around you want to read with the key pad faster then the mouse.

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I highly recommend this for those that haven’t stumbled upon Adblockers yet - they’re usually web browser extensions that are easy to install and allow you to whitelist websites (and blacklist ad servers that websites use!). They will usually automatically flag ads on a website and not load them. I won’t get into website monetization and the effects adblockers have on that (because my goodness that’s a can of worms) but for the end user of a website that loads ads, the experience can be improved greatly (and it can save on bandwidth too!)

Although sometimes you’ll encounter a website that’s broken while using an adblocker (some banking websites don’t like them in particular), it’s simple to turn it off for that website and continue as normal.

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Adblocking programs often have “pay to play” partners that they automatically whitelist. Adblocker is one such. There is a fairly simple way to remove the whitelisted sites but most people don’t take the time.

There is no way on earth I would browse the internet today without an adblocker. It is just too frustrating to have so many advertisements crowding my screen.


I wholeheartedly agree -

On the note of pay to play partners, It reminds me of the VPN situation. A needed service, often bundled with unnecessary bloatware and partnerships (defeats the point of using the VPN service or adblocker, sometimes)

I have no affiliation with this developer, but can highly recommend the browser extension UBlock Origin

UBlock Origin is free and open source - the controls on what to block and what to whitelist are granular and easy enough to use on the fly, though they are a bit more advanced than the more common adblockers.

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most of the good ones are free.

There are some ethical ramifications from using an adblocker. But you could choose to donate some money once or twice a year to websites that are really useful or you visit a lot. That to me seems like a better system anyway.

The current add system seems broken. What i would consider useful adds, are adds that teach me something. For example a vacuum manufacturer telling you they make 3 vacuum’s , 1 for only light household use. 1 that can be regularly used for household things, but will survive the occasional tougher stuff or liquids and thus can also be used in a light “work” environment. And 1 for industrial use. Such a commercial would help me find the correct product for my needs.

The current commercials however somehow try to convince me that if i buy their brand of vacuüm:
“ill get a promotion at work, my partner will become more attractive and will want to have more sex with me.” There is just no value, apart from competition between brands. So after this add, the competitor will need to convince me of something even more insane to sell enough vacuums to stay in business. And thus will also have to spend more on adds.

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Yes I see it all the time Companies , and I am like I already see a problem I like that product, but not marketed right.

Also Why are things a pure Dark color
I am only 39, but remember the stuff older being thought out better
even when I was growing up 80’s/90’s or older stuff

If I set a black phone on a table in low light or even high lighted it is camouflaged
May take a while to find, and cause a lot of problems
(maybe even death not being dramatic but know it happens if someone needs a phone at that moment )
(I added a sticker on things so I can see it , but seems every product sucks,
and has a problem not well thought out now a days
always shaking my heads at the poorly represented products on commercials (or box)
or the minor changes manufactures could make that could cost a penny sometimes.,…

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I second the use of UBlock Origin. Browsing the web with an adblocker compared to without one is a night and day difference. It’s pretty much the first thing I install after installing any browser.

Just remember to disable ad blocking on websites that you frequently browse and want to support so they can get paid and not have to resort to less user friendly methods of getting revenue.

With UBlock Origin its easy, you just click the extension button and then the big power button.


I always use free adblockers. It must have been so long for me using add blockers that I forgot websites you buy things on had adds. Only website I remember having adds was Youtube. I guess the downside to adblockers is a lot of article websites blacklist you on them because they detect a adblocker. I don’t read that many articles either. I know that by using Youtube and twitch it is way easier. Even though it does not support the youtuber I don’t whitelist them because the amount of adds that play on places like youtube are just annoying without a adblocker.

All you need to do is white list those, problem solved.

The ones that whine the most are usually the ones with the most obnoxious click bait garbage on the internet, the “you’ll never guess what this scantly clad girl did next!”. If your ad offends my sensibilities that’s your fault.


I use brave internet browser and I have a free VPN via windscribe. both of those help to make the internet more bearable alongside an ad blocker.

If you are concerned about your privacy, search via duckduckgo or, alternatively, brave is in the process of rolling out their own search engine. These would be used instead of Google, Bing etc.

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Yes, I do avoid sites putting up excessive advertising garbage. I’ve been a duckduckgo guy for years. My browser is Firefox and I am using ghostery and adblock ultimate. But there are trade-offs. Just about every car dealership website does not function(that’s a positive). But over time more and more retail sites no longer function well. Even Zero Truth where we used to talk about this openly now crashes if you don’t allow ads. It’s a war and you win some battles and you lose some battles. God(Benevolent being) bless this site where we never have to worry about anything intrusive.


Honestly most websites still allow me to use their site just fine even with a adblocker with exceptions like article sites like I mentioned. Then if you truly want to use that site you can just whitelist it like others said. Also like others said the sites that are typically the most intrusive are the ones who seem to complain about it. For example the youtubers who complain about it are often the ones that have a 2 minute add about something like skillshare, raidcon airbuds, mobile apps etc. and then ask you to also donate to their patreon for a few minutes.

There’s The Onion Router (TOR) that comes with a hardened browser, a knockoff of Firefox.

The browser stops a number of surveillance exploits used by Big Media, Big Government, and Big Crime to spy on you. In the process it blocks a lot of pop-up ads.

The greatest advantage and the greatest disadvantage of TOR is that the Web host you’re visiting has no idea where you’re coming from. This stops them from identifying you by location. Also it breaks any security by location that certain state governments and banking Web sites tend to demand. And there is considerable propagation delay.

Big Media is, of course, wise to TOR and refuses to treat TOR as deserving of equal access, tarring TOR users instead as hackers and child molesters. Sticks and stones…

Nevertheless, I’m happy to follow and post to threads on this site because I can, using TOR, without worrying about how my views, expressed here, may impact various other more anonymous personas I use elsewhere.

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