Do you have a backup plan? I do

What do you do when your honeycrisp doesn’t produce as much as you like? Look closely at the base. Was going to move it but I thought better of it. It’s my backup plan! It wasn’t planned I must have thrown some pawpaw skins and seeds at the base as fertilizer years ago.


No back up plan for me. As my trees fail to produce or die the land is transferred over to growing veggies.


just took 40 of my last seasons hazelnuts that were stratified in the fridge all winter and planted them. we’ll see what comes up.


I started a plan about 12 years ago, when I knew the day would come when I would loose access to the fruit trees I planted on my parents property. I started with a Red Anjou pear, then apples, another pear, etc.
This is the row with a 3 in 1 apple, a small pear, large pie cherry, Clapps Favorite pear and a Bartlet. Pears and cherry have been there 25 plus years. DSCN2250|613x368
This what it looks like now, my brother has control of it. DSCN2255|591x395 You could say I was a bit upset, but I have moved on. My property is to the right of the green metal post.

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