Do you use your phone or a desk top to access GF?


Read on phone, iPad and desk top. Usually responding by IPad but prefer typing with a desk top key board.

Yes, I learned how to type using a typewriter. ( I know some of you have heard of typewriters). So, I am most comfortable with a desk top keyborad.


I’m kind of a knuckle-dragger too when it comes to technology. I don’t know anybody who didn’t own a microwave before us, and ditto a VHS player (We came around more quickly to the DVD thing)

I use desktop 99% of the time, but if we’re out of town I’ll use my phone to read only, but my land I have no idea how folks read very much on these things. I would think if you don’t have poor eyesight you will after spending your life on these little things. Mines an iPhone 5 and the screen is about like the size of a playing card.


Phones’ old and doesn’t do internet well, computers’ old too, looses pictures, crap, I’m old too and don’t remember if the picture got taken.


It is an interesting juxtaposition of learning: dealing with technology advances while attending to the ancient art of grafting and husbanding fruit. Stretched both directions!


I use my phone in the orchard and the desktop at home. My phone doesn’t have the functionality of the computer so I make a lot more mistakes on the phone.


Both, but mostly phone. Even if I’m reading on my laptop and want to post with pictures I’ll switch because the picture uploading is so much easier on my phone.


I wish I could be more like @JustAnne4 but I’m a junkie for immediate information!


What does it say about me that my brain keeps trying to expand the headline as ‘Do you use phone or desktop to access your girl friend’? And then I c
amuse myself thinking about my wife complaining about my obsession with the trees this winter…


As a new member I’m trying to catch up on my reading so I use my smartphone for reading, posting pics, and writing, but my tablet and pc for reading and writing on gf. I take pics witg my cell so thats the main difference. I also took typing class in highschool and I work on my dual monitor pc all day as an academic tutor, so if I’m already at my desk then it’s pc time.



I’ve been surprised how many people access this site via phone. I guess desk top computers are a bit old fashioned at this point, but I just can’t give up my big 19 inch screen for one that is about 3 x 5 inches!!!


Mostly a Asus tablet because it always seem to be nearby when I have nothing to do except read the forum… Occasionally my smart phone but I don’t like working with the little screen. I prefer using a desktop PC for it’s large screen and power. Also accessing websites with a smartphone often gives access to only a subset of the full functionality of the website.


Exclusively on my phone (Android). The Boogers, my one year old twins, keep me from using the laptop or desktop during wake time, and one naps in the computer room so no desktop during naps. This forum read so easily on the phone, I switched to it from Homesteading Today, which is terrible to read on the phone. I had been on there for years, but just can’t use it anymore.


After years of our satellite net not really reaching the main house, from the guest house, (big cottonwoods around our main house…and they are not going to be hacked on for a satellite dish!) I am very used to reading on my phone. Pictures do upload easy, but I use the laptop if I intend to really type much.


My little ones used to turn the pc off and un plug it at times, when I was on it! That is a real pain when you have to wait for everything to start up again…and then dial up again too!

I don’t miss those days.


iPhone, iPad, and laptop. All work beautifully!