Does anyone enjoy Virginia Winesap?

My Virginia winesap graft produced its first fruits after two years. The fruit fell off the branch while I was examining it. They were mealy, juiceless, mildly tart, and had an unpleasant herbal aftertaste. My entire family wouldn’t touch it after one bite. I’m tempted to chop off the graft to allow the remaining grafted varieties to thrive, but it looks so healthy and vigorous.

The family is enjoying fruits from Fuji, honeycrisp, goldrush, and splendour grafts. I’m not sure if I should give Virginia winesap another year or not.


I don’t know if there is a difference between “Virginia Winesap” and “Winesap”. A number of the local u-picks grow what they call Winesap. We quite like it…

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First year fruit is often bad. My tree died, but I thought it was good. Not a top tier fresh eater, but a good tasting late storing apple.

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Does it taste better after storage?

Never tried storing any, but they are not bad off the tree. It’s a sweet/tart apple. I grafted a branch of it after my tree died. It’s a pretty easy variety to grow.

I think you’ve convinced me to give it another year. I don’t mind tartness (we love goldrush). But Virginia winesap was unusually mealy and unpleasant in taste.

Some of my trees fruited a couple years before they started producing quality fruit. I’d give it more time.

My winesap isnt mealy. Perhaps posting a pic to help confirm its actually a winesap.

Virginia Winesap is a strain of Winesap sold by nurseries that specialize in heritage trees like Century Farm Orchard. Literature indicates it’s a more red Winesap sport from an orchard in Troutville, VA. from the 1920’s

It produced small, unremarkable apples on B9 rootstock for me in central NC, We had the trees for more than 10 years. Apples were poor compared to Winesaps I had purchased in central Va, but they were not mealy. Several large commercial growers I spoke with in central Virginia that had grown Winesap apples for generations had never heard of “Virginia” Winesap. The same growers really liked a version of Winesaps from C & O nurseries in Washington that is no longer in business