Does anyone know the Triazcide PHI on mulberry?

I found some small stink bugs on my IE mulberry tree. I would like to spray Triazcide (or other pesticides)to control the stink bugs while they are still young and have not had chance to do damage yet. I am seeking the shortest PHI pesticides that can do the job. Please recommend one for me if you know. Thanks

I checked the label for Triazcide. It isn’t labelled for use on mulberries as a food crop. You can use it for mulberries if the mulberry is used as an ornamental plant. So there isn’t going to be a PHI for mulberries with Triazcide.

You will probably have a hard time finding an insecticide you can use (with a PHI interval) for mulberries since mulberries aren’t grown commercially for fruit. A similar problem exists with Serviceberries, Cornelian Cherries and other exotic fruit. No one grows them commercially which means no chemical company will pay for the testing needed to register it for that fruit. The best you can do is look at a lot of insecticide labels and see if you can find one labelled for mulberries as a fruit crop but I think it is unlikely you will find one.

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