Does Bagging On Tree Hurt Taste?

@barry commented in 2021: " I may try a monthly spray next summer to see if that can produce similar outcome as the bags, which I’m souring on because they seem to advance ripening and maybe wash out flavor a bit in this heat."

Many of my apple varieties that I bag have washed-out taste. I used to think it was my soil or climate but now wonder if it’s my bags. My bagged Goldrush taste, however, does not suffer in the least.

Anyone else experience diminished taste with bags?


I have bagged some trees and sprayed mostly. Often I only bag when the tree is young and not producing enough fruit yet to warrant the work/cost of spraying. Or if we have a hard frost in may during bloom and I do not get enough fruits set afterward to warrant spraying either.

I did bag all my Haralson several years in a row as used the photos in a lecture about home fruit growing. I have not noticed any difference in flavor on those bagged and the few I missed bagging.

I guess I should ask where are you located? Perhaps since I am in SE WI I am not as hot as what growers farther south get. Maybe total heat accumulated or highest summer temps obtained makes a difference on the flavor of the bagged apples? Or is it the brand of bags used? I used ziplock brand sandwitch bags. Did you use plastic, paper or cloth apple bags?


I’m 7B coastal MD. Yes to Ziplock bags. IMG_0212


I love it.

How do they not cook in there?

I use Clemson bags, but was worried a ziploc would just create a mini oven in the hot sun, and the fruit would cook.

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Like @Spartan I am further north than you. Our sun is often not very hot. I have had a few apples in ziplock bags that had sunspot damage (not a whole apple but the most exposed part of the fruit). That does not happen often.

Re. Taste. All my apples have been in ziplock bags so I have not had non-bagged apples to compare.

I have bagged peaches with Clemson bags. I do not know how much a lack of direct sunlight on my peaches affects their taste. To me, too much rain/water can ruin peaches’ taste more than any other factors.

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I cut the bottom corners out of the bags, have not noticed cooking although Goldrush does get some sun damage that doesn’t seem to hurt the taste.