Does rain affect pollination

… other then lack of pollinators? My peach tree in a full bloom and it is raining second day in a row. Tomorrow is expected to be warm and dry. Did past rain affect pollen on the flowers that could be pollinated tomorrow?

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I don’t think so- as long as the pollinators are working I think they’ll get the job done. But the cool weather that often comes with rain might mean that honey bees, at least, are less active. Some other insects, such as mason bees, work at lower temps.


My Santa Rosa plum has finally bloomed. I only see maybe a dozen flowers that haven’t opened yet and it has been a steady rain or drizzle for the past 2 days. What are the chances it gets pollinated this year? I’ve done lost two entire peach trees’ flower buds and my third peach tree only has about half of the flowers make it through the freeze last week. I am REALLY hoping for some plums!


It does with air blown pollinators like pecan trees. But Budbreak is still a few weeks away.
On other trees, the longer the bloom, the better chance of pollination.

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