Does this have any potential for controlling SWD?



So the thought would be to create traps or feeding stations that get placed near brambles to intercept the SWD?


I tried it in a spray and sprayed my plants with it. I found it to be ineffective. maybe a feeding station would work, but spraying it did not.


I would be worried about the effect on bees as they are also drawn to sweet feed.


The only bees I have seen drawn to sweets are yellow jackets, almost as worse as SWD. Really I never seen a bee on my berries, plenty of yellow jackets though.
You would only do this if the plant has fruit, no honeybees or other good bees are going to be around the fruit. Not like you’re spraying flowers. Everbearing raspberries have both so could be a problem there. But again I never saw them attracted to the fruit, ever.


While I agree I have not seen them on fruit, my bees will be all over anything sugary. When I put my supers out after extracting them they form a cloud around them until all the honey is cleaned up. If I spill syrup (which I use for feeding them) they will find every drop and take it home. No clue what they would do with artificial sweeteners, though. I will wait for more info before I try this.


@Auburn , did you see my recent post on methyl benzoate? Also has great potential for SWD control.


Sorry. I either missed it of forgot. Thanks


I went back and read it. Interesting.


I have mostly been moving my ripening times up or back to avoid the SWD.


It would be easy to put a mesh or screen over the trap given the large size difference between a fruit fly and a bee.