Dogwood compatibility

I’m aware of three major Dogwood species: Cornus florida, Cornus kousa, and Cornus mas. The first two are popular in landscaping; the last two are good eating. I have some florida and a kousa, and would like more kousa and some mas.

Has anybody tried grafting between these species? Are they compatible?

There is also Red Osier Dogwood (Cornus sericea) here in the north. No idea on compatibility. It is a suckering shrub/bush though. Not like C. kousa.

I don’t believe that C. mas and C. kousa are graft compatable. C. mas and C. officionalis are though

I am trying to learn about these different types of wild dogwood and the edible ones that i may can graft onto them.
Here in central kansas the creek bottoms have what i think is Swamp Dogwood ( Cornus amomum*). Or it could be Rough-leaved Dogwood ( Cornus drummondii ).
Are these compatible to use as rootstock for an edible cherry dogwood?

Paul - i’d sure like to know this as well. You should try it!

Just curious what part of the state you’re in? I’m in SW Missouri.

Hi Bede yes I am in southcentral kansas between Hutchinson and Pratt.

Short answer, no you can’t successfully graft Cornus mas to either of those species you mentioned. You can only graft between other species in the cornelian cherry group of dogwoods. Cornus officionalis is one but your best choice would be to graft onto seedling Cornus mas.

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