Doing something wrong with scions

I have put many scions (from 3 different fruit trees) in water. Scraped off the lower inch so it a bit greenish. Removed most leaves. I have small size scions and thicker ones. Old wood and new wood. Our tap water here has no chloride.

After a month, the leaves are looking good, but I have no root development at all.

Is this because they have plenty of water and because of that, no urge to grow roots? I have seen online root growing in water. So it is possible. Or do I have to put them in soil?

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While I guess some things will root readily in water many just won’t. If you’re doing apple and pear I think it very unlikely that they’ll root for you that way. You might get them to root by using rooting hormone around the scraped area and keeping them in damp, not saturated, potting soil or sphagnum moss.

Have you checked into air layering? That might work better for you. There are a number of Youtube videos you can check out.


What type of trees are they?

Apple, pear and peach.
With the peach I have tried a rooting ball. Same result. The few leaves stayed on and no signs of roots after 1 1/2 month.

Do I loose the scions when putting them in soil, because there are no roots?

With these types of fruits, even if you clone them and create roots, unless you have a reliable rootstock you cannot know what you will grow. A vigorous rootstock can save you several years of waiting to see. A clone will be true to the variety it produces, but without a good quality root system you may be disappointed. Better to invest in a good rootstock and graft on the varieties you desire

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Yes I don’t know anybody who has successfully rooted apple, pear, or peach. Air layers are possible but not easy. Grafting to rootstock. Start some seeds and graft to the seedling once large enough. Or buy rootstock.

Very few varieties of pear can be rooted successfully, some of the pear root stock varieties can be, yet even then very difficult to succeed at it. I have had complete failure trying to root pear cuttings. I have not tried to root apple or peach, yet it seems way too hard to bother.

Meanwhile I have found a YouTube video with a different approach. Going to give that one a try.
In short: Make short cuttings > remove all leaves > put them in a plastic container with one inch water > close the container > after two weeks small white root dots above the water level start to grow (probably because of the wet environment) > then stick the cuttings pretty deep in soil. Success rate is not 100%, but pretty high.

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I hope you get good results from your rooting. I might have watched the wrong video and if I did please advise. The video I watched showed several figs in a pot that had apparently rooted and was growing. He also showed his method on pears but I didn’t see any final results indicating any root development. Thanks

If you could root common fruit trees by putting shoots in water, mankind might never have discovered grafting.


Auburn, I think he is mentioning “several types of fruit trees.”

Found one for pears and plumbs. One has basis root development, the other one has growing leaf buts.

Alan, it can be done without grafting. But not every fruit tree is suitable. Grafting can improve growth or prevent diseases but it is not always required.
Same for using seeds. Some can be grown from seeds, others don’t. You can grow an apple from seed, but you will never get the right kind.

Or watch the above video. He is doing it.

I watched the video and those cuttings will never root like that. Maybe with a misting system. Otherwise no way. The fact they are leafing out is not good. All the scions energy is going to the leaves not roots. A sure sign of failure. Sometimes cuttings will leaf out but if roots do not form right away all energy will be is possible to air layer these trees. You must girdle the branch
A wire for a very slow girdle is best. I know for sue it works for peach trees. A guy here showed his method and it worked. I did three air layers on figs. No need to girdle. All worked and growing by themselves now.


Apparently we have a YouTube expert here.

Not everything you see on the internet is true. I have to tell the kids I work with everyday that same thing.

Most hardwood trees do not root easily using the method in the video. Perhaps the content maker is doing just that, making content to receive views and make money from those views. Grafting is a much, much, much more successful method of propagating trees. Also, as you stated, growing from seed.


I didn’t see any root developed on the two cuttings he put into a cup with soil.

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3 skeptical people. A new video to prove you are wrong. I hope you do not get upset and see it as a growing experience. True, it is not a fruit tree example.

Kellogg, probably you will find a way to disagree, because you have made up your mind already. Being skeptical is good, because there is lot of fake at Youtube. But for me seeing is believing. Most of the time gardeners are not fakers. Not sure how you are going to disagree. Maybe the plant is faking roots, or she is gluing roots? You can learn a lot from Youtube if do not believe everything. Same for the real life. Some people lie, others don’t.

Had to remove my YT link.

I know it can be done with some varieties of apples such as N. Spy that form root primordia on bark. But such varieties are the minority. I can probably think of 4 if I put my mind to it. None are in my orchard.

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This is an attempt at clarity. I like the method used in the video and I do believe that it works well for a variety of plants and would probably work for some of the commonly used apple rootstocks. I can’t speak for anyone else but I’m always skeptical of a youtube post that shows the method but does not add the results for apples and pears. Plant will bud out but without roots it’s not going to grow. I would love to see the root development of several apples and pears from this method but as of now I haven’t seen any.

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Not many will dig out growing trees, because roots can be damaged. Many say, it is possible. Not many say it is not possible. The only way to be sure, is giving it a try. See it as an adventure.

Or search Google for: growing apple trees from cuttings. And also look at Google images.

I posted another Youtube link here. Somehow this is not allowed. I was flagged. So I had to remove it.

It looks like the OP is trying to promote YouTube channels.

He or she does not give us any info about her/himself.

Many of us here are not inexperienced re.propagating methods. We are open-minded of trying new things but the OP is either inexperienced or has an ulterior motive.