Don’t prune these kiwis?

Was thinking to not prune this year at all. Had nothing but problems with these vines over the years. Had several transplants die. These two have survived, but I end up with almost no fruit and severe die back partway through the growing season.
Could be moles, or some funky bacteria in the soil. No real way to know.

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Looking at this, your vines look great.

I’ve never pruned a kiwi and so I looked up how to prune a Kiwi. This is a quick and easy read:

My initial impression of your first vine shown is that it appeared as if it wants to spur up soon or may already have flowering buds on some of the short side branching. Any of the longer need much pruning and that their side branches were looking to Spur up soon or may have flowering buds. Just the dimensions of how they’re growing appear to be looking to do something other than simply put on growth. Any wispy or longer side branches should be headed back to 1/4" says the author of her quick to read article. Personally, I would completely cut off any long wispy branches originating to the sides of the trunk. You’ll go batty attempting to trick a branch with strong vegetative vigor in order to produce flower buds. Any side branching naturally staying short are always a good sign. Doesn’t matter vine, shrub, or tree.

Could be issues related to PSA, Pseudomonas syringae.

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Especially since he’s in Japan.

Cats are known to damage Kiwi vines. Some aroma they like.

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I’ve never noticed any of my own cats or the neighborhood ones show even a passing interest in my kiwi vines, and I have hardy kiwis, a yellow kiwi and Actindia polygama which is supposed to really affect them.

I will tell you that successfully pruning my kiwis has been one of the hardest things I’ve had to deal with in my own yard, with the exception of one plant. The 5 that I have on arbors seem to hate being pruned, to the point that they won’t bloom for me after a hard pruning for a couple years. The one that has done well for me, pruning wise, is a Jumbo (MSU) that I trained up a gutter downspout and I just trim the top to be as close to a ball as I can 2-3 times per season. It seems to like this and fruits for me (as long as one of the males on the arbor gives me some flowers.


I’ve heard that 5 bud canes
For the Female vines is the way to go.
Kiwi vines are so vigorous
You should prune twice a year.

Maybe every two weeks during the summer. At least for hardy kiwi, once they get going. And you could be cutting a few feet off each time…

When I saw how vigorous they are, I opted out of growing Kiwis. Grapes are more manageable.
I did have one “Baco Noir” that grew 20’ canes, but that’s unusual vigor, at least where I lived.