Dormant blackberries in the garage?

I have some PAF blackberries in grow bags outside. It is now cold enough that they have gone fully dormant. They unfortunately cant survive in my hardiness zone outside. Now that they are dormant, can I just stick them in my cold garage until it warms back up? Do they need an artificial light, do they need water?

No light needed. Maybe a small bit of water every few weeks to keep from drying out/desiccated


Thank you!!

Bare Root Nurseries keep them in coolers…so just think of your garage as a cooler. No need to water or light… they will still form roots but dont need the water bc they wont be having above ground growth.

With any plants stored in garage over winter, you need to water them. In general it is once a month. Depending on the pot sizes. Or they will dry out and die.

If you store bare root plants in sealed bad in fridge, you do not need to water, apparently.

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