Down to earth

figured i posted something about the joys of ‘working this earth’. This weekend, millions in america will be glued to the big game.

this guy(who’s been there and done that), bought a tractor instead of a lamborghini. And opted to reside in some podunk farm instead of malibu… Things and places which most anybody in that culture won’t even touch with a telephone pole.


What a cool link and story. I have been in a rural agricultural environment my entire life and there is so much I can still learn. I can’t imagine having to just learn from videos.

and that was what really struck me about him. The man was actively seeking it out for himself, despite being a literal alien and totally naive to the field, which is nothing like the ‘field’, he’s been accustomed to… His contemporaries were going to bars and, er – las vegas, in their downtime, whereas he was watching youtube videos about sweet potatoes…

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Yes, that is really impressive, I suppose he found his true calling. That is what I like about this forum, it helps to encourage us as well as giving us the information to succeed.

And hey! That’s not even a new tractor … which says to me that maybe he’s more into gettting the job done than having new toys. Good for him, and again, and again, good for him!

exactly. And on top of that-- quite obvious his genuine enjoyment with getting his fingernails dirty doing the manual labor with the spuds, and then donating to food banks. Merely a hobby to him, but what a fulfilling one!

actually emailed his foundation just to tell him about the good citizen that he is, and he was gracious enough to personally, and so humbly, respond.


Nice story! Thanks for the link.

I keep telling my kids that we live in such an amazing time. You can sit in your living room, and with only time, a computer and an internet connection, you can become an expert on just about any subject that interests you. You don’t have to leave the house to get information, because it can come right to you at home.

I know that no one likes any kind of religious talk anymore but…I absolutely love this mans works. He turned away from the empty and corrupt world of fame and DID something real. He is living the scripture in James 2 that says faith without works is dead. My hats off to him, its much the same reason we gave up high paying jobs to small time farm and raise our family right. Its doesnt bring riches in the bank account…it has other rewards.


am an agnostic, but that does NOT detract nor stop me from telling the man he is a much better person than i am. His brief email correspondence with me was outright religious in nature, and i respect him for that. He has a spot in heaven, no doubt

His brother is already there-- and is probably one of the reasons he turned away from the lifestyle and the limelight and do something else in absolute humility.

NFL - Rams center Jason Brown grieves his brother's death in Iraq - ESPN The Magazine - ESPN [quote=“amadioranch, post:8, topic:4088”]
My hats off to him, its much the same reason we gave up high paying jobs to small time farm and raise our family right. Its doesnt bring riches in the bank account…it has other rewards.
[/quote]well my hats off to you too! Btw, there’s no such thing as a ‘small time’ farm. Farming and gardening are some of the purest and most noble of endeavors.


you’re welcome, and thank you!

I turned my SE NY 3 acres into a bearing age fruit tree farm (nursery) but I used to live in Malibu. I wouldn’t mind relocating to Point Dume, Malibu (my last address before moving east) and growing trees with an ocean view.

It was expensive when I lived there buy not it is untouchable. My friends who bought when land in the area was somewhat affordable have their nest egg or nest omelet.

malibu, or most of so cali, is easily one of the few places on earth that is hospitable to both temperate and tropical fruits. Used to live in in irvine, and there you could have an apple tree and an avocado tree and a banana grove, all of them fruitful!

quite expensive nowadays to invest in as farmland, lol

It is where I fell in love with fruit trees in the first place, although the apples in S Ca at the time weren’t what knocked my sox off. The species that won me over were J. plums, apricots and figs. Our family home was at the elevation base of Topanga Canyon so we couldn’t grow tropicals. The nicest thing was not having to spray or worry much about untimely frosts.

I didn’t live at Point Dume long enough to plant trees. If I had I would have at least planted a white Sapote. My brother moved to Kauai as a young man and still lives on the property he bought there many years ago where he has an extensive orchard. He has a wide range of tropicals, of course.

not sure if kauai is one of them, but there are places in HI that are similar to So Cal in being cosmopolitan(fruit-wise), where apples and pineapples may be grown side by side.

Yes, I’m sure there are places in Kauai where apples can be grown. It has some fairly high elevation locations. Anyway, apples can actually be grown in the full tropics if you perform a few tricks, like stripping off the leaves to force a kind of dormancy.

I should tell my brother to try that with his fig- it grows and bears, but very feebly.

Too many conclusions are being drawn here based on stereotypes to even begin to try and counter them all. Suffice to say that there is good and bad in all locales and human endeavors.

We can all be glad that Jason Brown found happiness, fulfillment and meaning to his life after being cut by the Rams. From the Rams point of view he was not a good free agent signing. Brown walked away with $20 million in guaranteed money, and cutting him only cleared 2.8 million in cap space on a five year, $37.5 million dollar deal.

heard about it, yes. He obviously got a great chunk from the organization, which evidently was more wealthy than he, and seem to have followed in robin hood’s path.

the nfl is a money-making venture-- one cannot even use the words ‘super blow’(intentionally misspelled) unless granted rights by the organization. Mr Brown got a pretty penny from the money-making venture, but that is their battle which is beyond my scope. It is just that the way he conducted himself with his wealth is so commendable, even if some day he changes his ways and be well-clad and spiffy like kanye west or diddy combs. And relocate to malibu

The NFL is a money making venture that does a lot of good in a lot of communities. My only point about Brown walking away was that he was essentially fired. There are a number of articles stating that he walked away from football. Again, there are too many stereotypes being drawn here to address them all. Many appear to be based on “…ism”.

that he was fired actually made him more down to earth, i guess.

I think while he was fired by the Rams, he did walk away from football. Being “waived” or fire in football is so common. He could easily sign with another team if he wanted to. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure is also a mantra among football personal directors, too.

For this man to walk away from football and spent this hard earned money (when one plays professional football, whatever he earns is hard-earned money) to benefit the less fortunate, He has earned my respect.

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