Drew, will MI have a peach crop this year?

Drew, I’ve heard you mention you’ve experienced temps down to -16F this winter. I don’t know how close you are to the MI fruit belt, but I thought you might be the one to ask. Just wondering if the fruit belt in MI experienced -16F (hopefully not, I’d like to see Midwest peach industry as strong as possible).

Not sure yet? Most of the crop is on the west side near Lake Michigan. Some on the east is near Lake Huron. That crop on the east I know is gone, maybe even damaged trees. In Port Huron it hit -26F . I don’t know how the west side did? MSU will eventually report. i will post if i see anything.
Tonight is another bad night. Anything possibly left will be killed tonight.
Well could be? Expected low is -11F. Currently at 11pm it is -3F. I’m on the east side.

Man, that’s bum!

I think it was just a couple years ago MI got hit w/ a hard winter which cost their peach crop. You guys are experiencing some bad luck. Hang in there. It will turn around. Michigan has a fruit belt for a reason.