Drooping leaves on Gala

I need some help identifying the source of this leaf droop on my 3 year old Gala apple. I walk my orchard daily checking grafts and I don’t remember seeing this before.

There are no visible pests or aphids. The leaves actually look clean but some are curling. I don’t see signs of rot or damage at the base. The damage seems to be mostly on new growth. No other trees are showing the same issue.

It only rains about once a week so it’s not too much water. There have been intermittent showers so I thought it was getting enough water. It looked akin to peach leaf curl to me and I had some wettable sulfur mixed. I added some fish emulsion and gave it a good spray. It doesn’t look much worse but certainly no better. Thanks for your thoughts.

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Herbicide damage looks like that.


I think you are exactly right.
Thank you

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If it hasn’t been exposed to herbicides then it might be due to fast/tender new limbs exposed to hot days.

The 24/7/365 Roundup is notorious for such looking limbs on many a landscape plant.
The box stores and Bayer should have to pay for such.

I agree with herbicide.