Dwarf apple tree give away - Georgia

Well I am crying uncle and have decided that 80 fruit trees is too many for this 59 year old fellow to care for as a after work hobby. The following trees need a new home. Most are around 8 years old, purchased from Cummins Nursery, have been well cared for and pruned tall spindle style. They are currently dormant and should transplant no problem. I will dig them up for you, They will need to be picked up by March 6th. I am located in a northern suburb of Atlanta, PM me if you want them.Chris.

Adams Pearmain G-41
Akane G-41
American Golden Russett B-9
Black Limbertwig B-9
Blenheim Orange B-9
Enterprise G.16
Golden Nugget G.11
Goldrush M-111
Grimes Golden G.16
Hoople’s Antique Gold - M-111 (3rd year)
Jefferis G-41
Kidds Orange Red G.11
King David G.16
Magnum Bonum B-9
Maidens Blush B-9
Monarch G-41
Myers Royal Limbertwig B-9
Old Nonpareil G.41
Victoria Limbertwig B-9
Virginia Gold B-9
Winecrisp (Co-op 31) G.11


wish i lived nearby . . . I’d take that Grimes Golden. But, I’m too far away. :disappointed_relieved:

Wow…I’ve got a bunch myself…but of those 21 there’s actually 13 of 'em I don’t have.

Anyhow, that’s a sweet proposition…and I’m sure they won’t last too long.

You could try to sell them on FaceBook Market Place esp. you are will to dig them up buyers.

I am curious. Since the ones you are giving away are all interesting varieties. What are the ones that made the cut (you keep them)?


That is a good question, here are the keepers, these have been grower friendly and taste great:

Hudson’s Golden Gem


I am glad you are kind enough to give them away. I hope someone takes you up on your very generous offer.
I have 30 trees and I think I may have bitten off more than I could chew as well. Time will tell.
Good luck.


If I was closer I would take you up on your offer. I have been adding around 12-24 trees a year slowly building up my orchard. So far I only have around 6 apple trees though

Only 30?
I have 97 varieties, with scionwood for 13 more and probably a couple more yet.
And I’m planning to graft a backup copy of them all (the ones I don’t already have two or more of) this year.

For a great start to a heritage orchard, Chris_in_GA has some fine varieties. I don’t see a bad apple on his list.

I have only 30 trees. Now I am planning on grafting more varieties on my established trees. You have a LOT of varieties. I originally wanted to graft 3+ on each tree I have. I am not sure that will be possible. Some varieties I only want a branch or two of them. Some apples do not last long so why have a whole tree full of an apple you have to hurry and try to process before they go bad?
I applaud your endeavor of having close to 100 varieties. :clap:
Do you plan on trying to have more than the 97 different varieties?
I love sort of close to Derek Mills and his wonderful orchard of close to 1700 varieties. I had been planning on going there in the fall but with Covid, no way.
I will check out the heritage orchard Chris_in_Ga has listed. TY for that suggestion.

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That is very generous of you! I have sent you a PM.

Would you be interested in mailing any probably not but I had to ask I’d love
Two or three for my possum rescue Vicki 850-630-6804 thank you

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I have given away all the trees to other forum members